Appointed in September 2017 by Emmanuel Macron at the head of a mission to identify and safeguard endangered heritage, “Mr. Heritage” is quite simple, now dreams at night of these unsealed stones, these cracks and of these cracked tiles, and works the day like the damned to carry out, supported by the Heritage Foundation and the regional directorates of cultural affairs (DRAC), this titanic task. Among the files which continue to flow, a first selection of 250 monuments, which we publish exclusively, has already been made. Among them, fifteen emblematic sites and, in total, a little more than 100 monuments will soon be selected for financial support during the year, in particular by the profits of the heritage lottery that Stéphane Bern succeeded in imposing, but all will be registered. in a more or less short-term backup plan.

And it is with great joy that we can announce that the Domaine du Vignau is part of this selection!

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