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The renovation of the Orangery

Since July 2022, the renovation of our beautiful Orangery is now completed!

Since 2018 and the support of the Mission Bern for the renovation of the facade of our orangery, we have had the crazy dream of renovating this superb building… And this project has been realized! From mid-2022, the Domaine’s orangery has been renovated and fitted out and can now accommodate 15 people (7 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, private swimming pool, spa). It has large common areas, multimedia equipment and fiber to accommodate families and friends meetings but also professionals and business seminars. The development of a new business tourism activity is a great adventure in which we are embarking with great enthusiasm and motivation.

The development project

The ground floor, a beautiful living space

One of the future bedrooms

The ground floor, a beautiful living space

The different stages of our project

July 2016


The smell of bark, sap, mushrooms and leaves that fell in autumn...
The sound of the wind passing through the branches, the song of the birds nesting somewhere at the top of the trees...
From the peaceful river that winds round the meadows to the noisy waterfalls that impress us with the visible power of the tumultuous water, the visitor will always find in the Limousin Region a source or a river with a very particular character.
Just cross a typical village to see beautiful houses or granite monuments in the area. This compact and solid rock gives an impression of durability, strength and character.
The limousine mountain, buttress of the Massif Central, composes an undulating landscape eroded by the time.
From the “Monts de Blond” to the “Monts d'Ambazac”, a land of hedgerows joins the valley of the Vienne. The forests of chestnut and oak trees offer many paths suitable for walking and hiking. Between the country of the foliage trees and the lake of Vassivière in the east, the hills follow the valleys, formed by numerous streams.
We are waiting for you !

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